We are very excited to welcome Tillman Crane to our gallery as part of our permanent photography exhibition.

Featured Photographers

Tillman Crane


Tillman Crane’s distinctive platinum photographs combine 19th century materials with a 21st century aesthetic. Tillman’s photography career began in 1978 as a photojournalist for The Maryville Daily Times (TN). He began teaching the craft of photography in 1988. His passion for photography continues to evolve as he embraces new technology while furthering his mastery of the platinum/palladium print. The focus of his imagery remains on the unique sense of place in the ordinary, everyday locations where he lives and teaches.

We are going to be representing John’s work in our gallery on an ongoing basis.

John Layton


John Layton, who lives in Newbury, Vermont, is a freelance photographer/writer and photography educator, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Audubon magazine, Readers Digest Books, Vermont Life, and View Camera magazine, among others. 

John’s photographs of the desert southwest and the Maine/New Hampshire coasts,  have graced gallery walls in New York and throughout New England, and have earned him several awards. Between 1999 and 2006, John made eight trips to Ethiopia, where he documented the activities of A Glimmer of Hope, an Austin, Texas, based foundation.  He received an M.A. in photography and education from Goddard College in 1990.

Michael Kahn


Michael Kahn’s stunning seascape and spectacular sailing photographs are exhibited in art galleries and museums around the world.

With his 1950’s camera, Michael travels extensively to photograph the world’s finest boats and pristine seascapes. He collects his images on traditional black and white film and produces luminous silver gelatin prints in his darkroom. With a distinctive sense of composition and attention to tonal relationships, the emotional force exhibited in Michael’s photographs has allowed him to be one of the most memorable photographers of our time.